15 December 2009

Aaron Ward, future wing.... again?

So the Cane's have placed Aaron Ward, the former Wing on waivers. Ward was acquired in a late season trade from the B's for garbage with a side of terrible. However, in the Cane's eyes he turned to an even larger pile of trash.... which led the Cane's to make him expendable, so expendable that they simply released him. Expendable when the wings are at a severe need in the defensive department... suddenly expendable looks like acceptable.
Taking Ward right now seems pretty much obvious. We have the cap room with our fantastic ability to become injured. What harm does signing him offer? Ward is a player that will add to our defensive depth and has a foot in the door when it comes to learning the system.
So, if I were to make a "lock" on the roster changes this week I would have to say that Aaron Ward is a lock in becoming a "reinstated wing". Am I wrong.... probably. But how can Ward be any worse than what he have going on right now? Unless you are one of the few that believes Lebda is top notch.... in which case any logical argument was thrown out the window long ago................
  • Hours later:
H'ok so maybe placing Ward in a "lock" was an overstatement with our ability to plug in the likes of Kindl and Janik. However, I would still place this in the realm of possibilities, even the realm of somewhat probabilities. I would push on further but my belief in Ward would wear down further as I look into our of defensive "depth".
In a final analysis I would still say that picking up Ward could only help the outlook of our defense in the long run. Having our defensive (or offensive) prospects develop in the AHL has only proved to aid in the progression of our future top 2 line players.

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  1. i changed my mind to probably not on picking him up due to salary cap. unless we send abdelkader down or got rid of meech theyre pretty much screwed