11 December 2009

Detroit 3, Anaheim 2

So you know your team isn't winning like they used to when you find yourself as excited as a 5 year old at Christmas opening up his first batmobile when your team wins.... in overtime.... against at team that entered the matchup below .500 at 11-12-7. But hell, at this point a win like this is parade worthy considering we are rolling with about 30% of the Griffins roster on a nightly basis.
Anyhoo, at first glance it would appear that Tuzzi has ripped that damned evil monkey off of his back. We can only hope he has banished him to Chris' room where he belongs....

But seriously, all kidding aside... good for bert. The man had 82 shots on goal going into the matchup and only 4 goals. It was nice to see him finally get some quality shots and put a couple in behind JS. Giggy. Plus, that OT goal speaks for itself... that'll be on ESPN tonight.

Some other positive points from the win:
  • Stewie had at least two MAJOR hits, nice to see him step up when the opportunity presents itself.
  • More on Stewie: he had arguably his best defensive game tonight, great job being aware of the loose puck late in the third... he honestly saved the game.
  • Speaking of saving the game, hats off to big E and Helm for getting to the goal line to save the puck from rolling in for a goal
  • Leino didn't play like a total ass (more to come on him next post)
  • Datsyuk actually tried to "do more shoot", too bad his stick didn't agree with his choice to shoot more... time for a new stick Pav.

Overall, it was nice to see a full 60+ minute effort that finally paid off. Howard played well, the D played well, the offense EVENTUALLY clicked. The only real negatives were the faceoff dept. and poor PP%, but I will take terrible numbers in those categories with a win any day.


  1. probably better that bert gets the monkey off of his back as opposed to jumping on someone elses back and breaking their spine.

  2. Go Tuzzi.

    finally nice to see him get some points for his hard work.