15 December 2009

Hockey Gods tease us. Janik up to the big club.

Detroit -- The news on Jonathan Ericsson was as good as could be expected for the Wings.

Tests revealed a deep bone bruise on his left knee and in his calf muscle, but no structural damage.

"What I've been told is that he'll be out a minimum of two weeks, but we will know a lot more in a week or so," general manager Ken Holland said.

Link - DetNews

I'm positive that this is just the Hockey Gods teasing us. They've realized that after the litany of injuries that we've suffered, that Wings fans are essentially numb to it all. We're just waiting for the next injury. Hell, need proof? Check out today's hilariously disturbing A2Y contest.

So how do these mescaline-riddled bastards get to us now? Clearly by enacting some sick injury on a key blue liner where his knee bends the wrong way, and following that up with an optimistic timeline for return. "Meh, its just a bruise. Give the kid a couple of weeks and he'll be fine."

Sure. I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, I'm leaving The Winged Wheel's prognosis for return sometime after the Myans destroy the world in 2012. Because its 2009 and not enough of you bitches have embraced the Bear Jesus.

In the interim: we get more Janik. He's played in one game with the big club so far this year and I was impressed. In case you missed it, here was my synopsis of Dougie last night during J-Rock's and my discussion of our defensive possibilities sans-E:
  • Doug Janik: Stay-at-home D-man. Sweet Bear Jesus, we could use one of those next to Lebda. Had a one-game callup at the beginning of the year and performed exceptionally well. Granted, my definition of 'exceptionally well' for Janik during that game was that I barely noticed that he ever played. That means no stupid turnovers, no idiotic penalties, no jumping the rush at every opportunity to leave his point open for odd man rushes in the other direction you son of a bitch I want to strangle you Lebda you rooten bastard piece of... ahem... he was good.

I can handle a stay-at-home kind of guy. Plus, he's a giant. I'm a little surprised they didn't go with Kindl, simply because he's going to be a permanent fixture next year and a bit more experience couldn't hurt. During his couple of games with the Wings a couple of weeks ago he looked pretty solid, and he's not a bad replacement for Big E as far as the type of defense he plays. That being said, it should be fun to watch Janik and see how it works.


  1. "Wings fans are essentially numb to it all." Idk about you, but I was near tears last night when I saw Ericsson down. I almost ran to a corner crunched up and cried. But then I remembered there's no crying in Hockey. (Except last season when they lost the cup)

    Anyway, I'm kind of surprised Kindl wasn't called up, but in Babcock I trust. Don't know to much about Janik, but hopefully he'll make a good impression.

  2. So ...

    Are the hockey gods teasing about Zetterberg, or is this an "out for a few months" injury?

    This is the most insane long-term injury situation I've ever seen. Amazing.