04 January 2010

Back from NOLA, the year of Aurie is over... hopefully.

As I continue to beat the shit out of this dead horse, it is 2010. That would be seventy ONE years after Aurie last took the ice. If I'm correct in my analysis - and I almost never am - that means the curse should hopefully be over. 2009 saw far too many injuries ranging from an ever-more-likely career ending Weber killing to "deep bone bruises" to horrendous testicular nightmares, to exploding ACL's, shattered backs, femurs cracked in half, shoulder's considering divorces from torsos, knees bending the wrong way, and all kinds of other "Final Destination-esque" disasters.

But damnit, bitches, its 2010. Here's hoping that's over. Hopefully #6's overwhelming blood-lust has been satisfied and we can get back on track with that whole "Red Wings win games, damnit" thing. Val's back. Z and Cleary will be back soon. Kronners should return this month, as should J Willy. The Mule is still looking at the first week of March or so, but I'm confident he'll find a way to lead the team in goals because he's a machine. Halfway through, we're on pace for 96 points despite our injuries. It's not too crazy to think we'll crack 100 again, considering the first half should not be the better of the two. I'm starting to feel a bit better about this season.

I would spend this time commenting about recent games, trends among lines or players, or something insightful, but... well... screw that. The fact is, I missed most of the recent games as I was on vacation in New Orleans. My apologies for the lack of posts, but I still think you should just blame J-Rock. The south is an interesting place. While driving down to the big easy, I was asked "what's a Red Wing?" by a kindly, old, presumably super-racist gentleman. We did see one guy on Bourbon street wearing a Wings jersey on New Year's Eve which brought me great excitement and prompted boisterous high-fiving, despite it being a Hossa sweater.

Overall, it was a tremendously good time. I dig the hell out of that city, and I'm committed to adopting the Saints as my undisputed #2 NFL team. Don't get me wrong, it's a real blast cheering for the Lions, but I'm having a hard time taking it much more. As a graduate of EMU - yes... that's right... tied for 120th in the nation EMU - and a lifelong resident of southeast Michigan, my two football teams are 3-53 in the last two years. There's something about the excitement in NOLA over everything Saints that gives me hope. Also, any city where you can walk around with an open container down a crowded street and scream "WHO DAT?!" at the top of your lungs over and over without consequence... well... that's just dandy with me.


  1. hey whats wrong with a Hossa sweater?

    /shows self out.

  2. Black and gold to the Suuuuuperbowl ;) Another plus to the Big Easy- walking around on Bourbon street with open alcohol (in a plastic cup of course) -always makes for a better trip :)

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  4. Good work Greg. Good work.