08 January 2010

Breaking News: Crow Tastes SO DAMN GOOD!

Wings win. If you recall, I labeled this game as a "Must fuck win." I hold to that. Danny Cleary, Darren Helm. You gents get the prizes. All other forwards... we'll talk about that later.

But the real hero? The true victor? The Wing that put this team on his damn back and carried their impotent asses through this MUST WIN?

  • Jimmy "where did that come from?" Howard
In October? I was confident that Jimmy needed to be on waivers by November. I was certain that he would be our downfall. I saw him as the reason that Ozzie had to be started so many games in a row that his performance went down. I knew with every ounce of my being that Jimmy Howard was not an NHL goaltender. He certainly wasn't a starter. No sir.

And you know what? I still think I was justified at the time. But now? Hot damn was I wrong.

I now bow to the altar of Jimmy. I now worship at the temple of #35. This kid was SICK tonight. And his numbers don't lie. He's been on fire and when the Wings lose, it's usually in spite of his effort and never because of him. He's really turned it around, and I'm more than happy to accept that I don't know dick about hockey.

Good on you Jimmy. Good on you indeed.

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