26 January 2010

A Race to NOT make the Playoffs.

Looks like we have found ourselves in a playoff-less race. Detroit or Calgary, who will fuck themselves harder? Well, thankfully for us it looks like Calgary is the winner. Losers of 6 straight, it would appear they have beat us at our own game.... Don't get me wrong, the Wings have tried their damndest to not make the playoffs, going 4-4-2 in the last ten (a superb effort in the race to mediocrity I might add) but let's not count out the flames... they slid into shitsville with an impressive 1-8-1 record (P.S. that's the same record that Lebda has in stopping an offensive rush, fuck bag).

Alright, in all seriousness it is time for this team to buckle down. I don't care if we are hurt and I certainly don't care if we have a goalie controversy (which we don't... split the effing starts already). Even with the injuries we have on record, the Wings STILL have what should be an extremely potent first line in Dats, Z, Tuzzi which SHOULD light up the scoreboard on any given night. On top of that, even if that first line doesn't light up the scoreboard they are certainly effective enough in their own zone to neutralize the opposing top line.

Let's move to our second line... Filps, Cleary and whoever the fuck. Still at minimum a competitive second line on ANY team in the league. I guess what I am really getting to is that we should stop playing the line matching game with other teams, let them worry about matching with us. We are still damn good enough up front for the rest of the league to have nightmares about... start scoring some goals for fuck sake. We are dead ass last in goals for and fucking 4th best in goals for, I don't know about you... but that goal for tally is unacceptable to me. Think about it... EDMONTON, COLUMBUS AND ST. LOUIS have all scored more goals. Terrible. P.S. even without filps in the lineup most of the year we STILL should have a better second line than the likes of "David Legwand, Martin Erat and Joel Ward" (Nashville's second line).

Alright, but I digress. Big game against the Coyotes tomorrow... here's hoping we don't fall on our face, cheers.


  1. Good point...and a nice ass. Love you friend.


  2. oooohhh sandy... you know how to make me shiver!... lol, how ya doin buddy?