13 February 2010

Holy Crap, the Red Wings Played Tonight.

A win against the Senators (IN REGULATION!) means Babs gets one rung on the ladder of destiny closer to the above ground pool full of Jack Adams awards and fake tits. He's climbing up to the second rung there because of that 1 point from the overtime loss against the Sharks.

Guess who's back.
Back again.
Mule is back.
Tell a friend.

And hot dog is he. 3 points in the last 3 games. He's playing like the amazing power forward we need him to be. 

And I'm loving every second of it.

You know who else is now officially back? Doctor Motherfuckin Dangle. Pasha's play earlier this season was uninspiring at best. Now? He's back to being the amazing game-changing force that we're used to. For a time in the beginning of this season, I questioned myself for ever considering him among the best in the league. It had just been that long since he played like he is now. Currently, he just takes the puck whenever he wants it. Then he picks the area he wants to go with the puck and just goes there. Three defenders in the way? Not an issue.

He's back to shooting, too. He kind of stopped for a while, but two attempts stand out tonight that show that, at least for now, those days are over. First, there was the backhander that rung off the post after he deked through just about every defender on the ice. Next, there was that sillybitch between the legs shot that came THAT close from coming in. I always wonder what is going through the goaltender's head when someone like Pavs pulls a move like that. 
Ok. Hell of a forward here. Gotta focus. Check the angles. Ok, I'm squared up. He's running out of space. He'll have to pull the trigger here soon. Backhand? Watch the 5 hole. Wait, is he passing? The pucks behind him. What the HEY WHOA SHIT WHAT HEY!
Wings win 4-1, despite a pretty stellar effort by Elliot. Honestly, if he weren't on fire we'd all be yumming down some free curly fries courtesy of Dangle Dangle. I'm thrilled, THRILLED, that I got to watch a game like that, and that we didn't blow a lead. We've got some reasons to be optimistic going into the Olympic break. Hopefully we'll get to see Mule donning the Tre Kronor, getting conditioned and Homer resting up and getting healthy for the big push through March.

Climb that ladder Babs. It'll be a long haul, but the prize is well worth it.


  1. Climb that ladder you helmet haired mother fucker.

  2. Dats leaves a lot of "Holy shit did that just happen?" expressions on defender's faces. Its wonderful.

  3. Its nice to see the wings play like red wings for once. the olympic break will be good for the wings and bad for most other teams, they will lose their energy, we get a new healthy start, as long as the maltby/draper/osgood family vacation doesn't end in too much tomfoolery.

    also, in the past 6 games Bert has 4 points and only 4 penalty minutes. The pass he made to Cleary was perfect, not to mention despite the fact that he still refuses to hit, he's playing like a big man again. i think franzen might be rubbing off on him.

    not to mention Cleary was playing like a man with crazy eyes should... crazy.