04 March 2010

You Don't Hate Kids Do You: DO YOU????

Damnit Thid, hand it over, Damnit! We're going to melt that medal of yours down and give it sick kids! Damnit!

It's been a while since I posted about one of the reasons why it is absolutely clear that Red Wings fans are far superior to fans of any other team. As you may recall, a mass of great people have come together for a common goal. The Herm to Hockeytown extravaganza, due to take place on 26 March, is a gathering of Wings fans from all over. More importantly, it is a culmination of the efforts of many fans and bloggers to bring Herm from Red Wings Brazil to his first ever live Wings game. If you're unfamiliar, and want to learn more, check out this old post from way back in 2009. I know, it's pretty dated. I had to convert the old archives from BetaMax to Laserdisk, to CD-ROM just to link it. Hard to imagine how people lived back then.

Anyway. In addition to bringing Herm to the Motor City (fuck alliteration), the H2H initiative is also raising as much cash as possible for the Red Wings Wish Club with proceeds going to the Children's Hospital of Michigan. Which brings us to The Production Line's latest push and call to action. A couple of games ago, just after the Olympic break, TPL decided that for every goal that the Wings score between now and the game on the 26th, they will donate $2 to the fund. Almost immediately, several other blogs and readers jumped on board with all kinds of crazy-ass scenarios for which they would donate money. Well, in the spirit of procrastination, I'd like to finally toss my hat in the ring. On behalf of The Winged Wheel, I'll be donating the following:
  • For every time I get to move Babs up his ladder to glory, I'll throw in. In the spirit of Captain Norris himself, that's $5 for a win. For an OT loss, we'll go with Darren McCarty * 0.1. ($2.50)
  • Additionally, as a bonus donation, I'll throw in $2.20 for every time friggin' Brett Lebda is a scratch. Hear me Babs? If you don't hate sick kids you'll scratch him every game from here out. PLUS, if he's somehow permanently removed from the roster, via waivers, a freak meteor shower, blunt force trauma to the head, etc., I'll make it a full $22.00
Overall, it's not much. But hey, I'm a brokeass. What's your excuse? If you want to throw in, any amount, be sure to let Patrella and the guys at The Production Line know by emailing them at theproductionline@gmail.com so they can keep a running tally of how much their call to action is accumulating. Hell, let me know as well, and I'll engage in some sort of public flattery on the voids of the interwebs. CC me at wingedwheelblog@gmail.com.

Unless of course, you're a terrible person. Wait. Scratch that. I'm guessing if you regularly read this blog, you are more than O.K. with being a terrible person.

Bear Jesus commands it. Make it happen.


  1. This would be a great picture to submit to puck_daddy's Rosby art gallery contest-love it!

  2. digging the Betamax and Laserdisc references. keep it coming greg.

    - Travis