27 April 2010

My Radio Rant

Alright, I've had it. I've been listening to stupidity oozing out of my radio for far too long. Every time a Wings related topic comes up on the radio I get more and more frustrated. It isn't necessarily the radio personalities themselves that get me angry because they typically don't say anything too stupid. Below are some highlights of what really "Grinds My Gears"

  • Cliches/ fucking obvious takes on the game
The radio personalities and callers that drop such knowledge as: Scoring more goals, playing harder, wanting it more, playing better defense, and having less turnovers.

Thanks John Madden, I didn't realize that the team that scores more points will win. In related news: Water is wet and fire is hot. Can we bring up something else? I get that it is important to say at least once... but to continue to hammer home our need for more goals is incredibly stupid.

  • Mr. We need Brad May
Thanks to the caller that will undoubtedly call in after a win or a loss and say how we NEED to call up Brad May to fight someone. Dear caller, you're an idiot.

Now in fairness, I've been guilty of making such a claim... while I was smashed and directly after a loss. For someone to say we need Brad May without meeting that criteria, makes you an idiot. Brad May can't control the puck, can't finish and if you recall didn't fight anyone for the longest time (hence putting him on waivers and NOBODY wanting to take him). If that isn't enough reason to not call him, let's consider that we have people that could fill his role if they wanted to. Miller, Big E, and Eaves can all put up what resembles a fight... oh and they know what a puck looks like.

  • Mr. We need a "Grind Line" AKA: Mr. I don't pay attention to statistics
Every time the Wings lose, especially in the playoffs there are a number of callers that bitch about the "old days" of the grind line and how we can't hit anyone. Too bad we have been close or even beating the 'yotes in hits this series.

Besides, since when has the number of hits directly correlated to a win? Sometimes the team with more hits wins, sometimes they don't. It's not about the quantity of hits, but the quality. What's the point in hitting for the sake of hitting, taking yourself out of the play. Hits that take your opponent out of the play, or take someone off the puck make sense. 15 smart hits are better than 30 aimless bullshit hits.

  • Mr. "Hey, I just called in to say I agree with everything you just said"
Pretty obvious, but fuck that guy. Thanks for starting up a discussion, stop shoving your head up the radio personalities ass.

Maybe it's the fact that it's the playoffs and I feel like I might have a stroke if we lose... but I can't stand to listen to the radio anymore when they bring up Wings talk. Anyhoo, I digress.

Tonight's prediction:

  • Wings win 6-3
  • I smell curly fries

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