21 December 2009

Eat it Forbes: Wings fans are tops.

The Bees Knees. The Cats Pajamas. The Dogs Balls.

All references to Wings fans. I wouldn't be an exceptionally mediocre law student if I didn't at least attempt to provide some evidence to prove my point would I?

Look no farther:
Check that shit out. "Herm," or Guiherme from Red Wings Brasil has been a Wings fan for some time. Dude lives in Brasil (hence the Portugese at R.W.B). Unfortunately, he's never been to a Wings game. In fact, he's never even met another Wings fan in face to face. Seriously.

Care to learn more: Check out Snipe, Snipe, Dangle Dangle's Interview with him.

So what to the good fans over at A2Y do? They decide to bring his Brazillian ass to the Joe. The Chief sets up a donate button, caps it at $1k. A mere 30 hours later: goal reached.

26 March is when it's supposed to go down. Keep an eye on A2Y, the donate button will likely be back up in the near future. If you can spare it, it's a pretty cool goal.

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