24 March 2010

Blame Game Update: Crow tastes so damn good.

Four wins left for Babs after the show tonight. Good to see the Wings rise to take revenge for Stockholm and put a nail in the coffin containing St. Louis's playoff hopes.

If you would have told me at the beginning of this season that Jimmy Howard would have 30 wins this season, I would have literally kicked you in the genitals. At the time I was convinced that there was no way he'd make it as an NHL goaltender. I was convinced that he'd be on waivers by December, and that if anything, he'd be the downfall of the team.
  • WRONG.
Instead of winning in spite of James, the Wings are currently hanging on to a playoff spot precisely because of him. As you are all certainly aware, I am an Ozzie supporter through and through. I've defended him throughout the season, and still think that he's vastly unappreciated by the masses. That being said, Jimmah right now... he's our guy. He's improved before our very eyes; fixing his angles, controlling his rebounds, shutting... fuckers... down.

So, in the spirit of eating crow, I present to you, Super Jimmah:

As you can tell, dude's won me over. He's improved, he's been consistent, and he bitchslapped Crosby in the face. He's a team guy, and if Ozzie's gonna pass the torch... well, it might as well be Jimmah.

That's not to say I'm not still a bit skeptical. I still hold that I had every right to be skeptical of James early in the season. But after 30 NHL victories, I'm ready to accept him.

Don't let me down James. Don't Steve Mason on me.


  1. I. LOVE. THAT. Comic strip.

    Nice work dude.

  2. Not to say i told you so...

  3. Love it Greg. I've also noticed that Babs musta told the team.."hey, we need the playoffs...if he can't control his rebounding, lets just get there really fast to broom these rebounds out of danger"

    Seems like they are keepin' their eyes out for 'em. Also...Conklin gave up a nice one there eh?