03 March 2010

Blame Game Update: Got that out of your systems? Good.

First thing's first:

Babs gets an arm added for the loss. He's still got that awkward half-torso from the OT loss 4 games and an eternity ago. 6.5 losses left. 19 games. No much wiggle room.

After the last game, I almost felt bad about this little project. Babs had just won Gold and the team seemed to be coming together. Then I realized that Babs has yet to use a hatchet on Ericsson's skull.

Other than the fact that we really cant afford many (read: any) more of those kinds of games, I've only got a few remarks:
  • Howard sucked. He sucked HARD. Ozzie wasn't perfect, but he was a marked improvement. It'll be interesting to see who Babs rolls with Friday.
  • Does anyone else think it's ironic that Val-Fil is Finnish, considering that's really not something that he's good at. ...Wait for it.
  • Fuuuuuuuuuuck Bertuzzi. Fuuuuuuuuuck Bertuzzi. Fuck Bertuzi, fuck bertuzzi, fuck berrrr-tuziiii! (You know, like Hallelujah...)
  • Fuck you Winnie Cooper.
Wait wait, I didn't mean it Winnie... You know how I get after a Wings shitshow. Ugh.


  1. Howard wasn't really that awful. Three of the four goals were the result of either shit for defense (1 & 3) while the second was the result of a deflection, hard to ever blame a goalie for.

    Defense has been horrible all year long and tonight was no exception.

  2. Babcock will go with Howard, because hes the starting goalie.

    You know, cause Osgood isnt a viable starter anymore.

  3. Yeah, and Howard sure looked viable. That Wellwood shot that went in glove-side looked like he wasn't even trying. Though, I'd go Howard just to see if he was going to rise through the adversity or sink into the Jimmy Howard Inconsistence that he's shown throughout his career. I'm really hoping he rallies...