04 May 2010

Wanted: Dead or alive, get him off this team.

OT. Ericsson jumps the rush. With forwards who don't traditionally score. He gets way, way, way too deep and leaves his partner alone. In other words: He Lebdas.

That goal? HIS FAULT.


Dear everyone who simply laughed at me like I was an idiot to even suggest that Ericsson could be potential trade bait before the deadline:
  • Fuck yourselves.
Turns out, the kid sucks. Sure, he wasn't alone. But that last goal: HIS fault. Nothing anyone on the ice could have done to stop it. He decided to not play defense... despite the fact that he's a fucking DEFENSEMAN. He decided he wanted to see that flashing red light, and didn't think about his team, his season, or the fans. He didn't do his job and as a direct result: we lost.

Does he have potential? Sure. That's a good reason to trade him. That is, before he flushes it away any more. Sophomore slump? Fine. Put someone else in. Get him off the fucking ice because he's a liability. He's been a liability this entire season, and ESPECIALLY so this series against the Sharks.

Though, admittedly, the loss wasn't all his fault. Lets share some of this blame, shall we?

  • Babcock
First and foremost. Fuck the idea that shit rolls down hill. Even if that's the case, I'll catapult it right back up there. You sir, are to blame for that third period fuck up. Maybe they got tired because their shifts weren't short enough. Sure. Your fault. Or maybe, just maybe, your little idea of taking your two goal lead and just playing a trap, putting ZERO offensive pressure on a highly skilled offense... is objectively fucking stupid. It doesn't ever work; leads are consistently blown. So, in short, Mike Babcock - go fuck the business end of a pineapple.
  • Bertuzzi
Get out. You and E. Just get out. You've been shit all season, except for that one streaky month that seemed to buy you all the capital in the world. I've never seen a player have the kinds of opportinities you end up with on the ice and then consistently, EVERY FUCKING TIME, just piss them away. I was all for you when the idea was you being a 3d or 4th line forward. Right now? On line 1B? You're shit. Absolute shit. (By the way, Travis, I'm mad enough right now that if you even try to fucking stick up for the guy I will end you. Seriously. It will be the fucking end.)

  • Manny Legace... er... Jim Howard.
Yeah. He's a rookie. Cut him some slack. Fine. You can stay. But you sucked ass. Two of those goals were on YOU. The other was a nasty redirect, but you still should have been bigger in that net. As long as I'm tossing shit around, you deserve your heaping handful. Oz may have been shit this year, but we could ride the guy through the playoffs, consistently. You sir? Nope. Not even close. You're pulling a Legace... you just waited until the second round to do it.

Beyond pissed. Beyond upset. Not acceptable by any means. No excuses. Even less hope.



  1. how about a bad defensive play by Brian Rafalski? or Jason Williams elevating the puck like a retard. Bertuzzi can stay. Williams needs to leave.

  2. Too much blame to go around after last night's game. I thought even Lidstrom was off last night. I can think of at least 2 turnovers that led to great chances by the Sharks off his stick.

  3. Greg.

    Williams out
    Ericsson out
    Franzen out (seriously you're going to play like this for how much we pay you)
    Ledba out

    Bertuzzi can stay if he resigns at <1.6m (considering he had his best season of hockey in YEARS while surrounded by injuries is enough to invest in at least one more year, IMO)

    there are too many good free agents to be wasting cap lots space on Franzen. i knew he was a flash in the pan from the time he got in the league. id rather see us use Ericsson and Franzen to get, fuck i don't know? Evander Kane from ATL or Patric Sharp. a REAL power foward someone who goes to the slot and makes his own chances, not the sorry excuse for one that Bert and Franzen have been.

    and as for bert playing on line 1B, i couldnt agree more. he shouldnt be up there. Abdelkader should be. while bertuzzi constantly finds ways to fail, Abby finds ways to score. honestly bertuzzi would be better on the third or fourth lines, where he can play his style of hockey on that line, not a big pylon in front of the goal to screen the goalie, but as a large playmaker to feed a quick sniper

    as for Babcock. coaching strategies lose out. it looks like teams are starting to get the number on our "forget the slot exists" fire 60 shots on net, but only have 4 of them be legitimate scoring chances. nobody goes to the front of the net.

  4. As much as Ericsson is to blame for the game- ender, I think we should all acknowledge the serious flaws in Howard's goaltending for that shot...what kind of a goalie doesn't move backwards toward the net with the skaters in a two on one scenario? I understand being out of the crease to cut down the angles with a single skater coming at you, but Howard consistently shows no ability to interpret player's positioning on the ice and no ability to adjust to that positioning. Just look at the skarks fourth goal in game 2: an easily traced passed to Pavelski and then a straight shot at the net...not even just the net! the five hole! Howard had what I'm sure gaoltenders everywhere would refer to as "a while" to prepare for that shot. As soon as the puck hit pavelski's stick Howard should have either been on the ground in the butterfly or had his stick on the ground. I'm not saying that if he had done better on last night's game ending goal that it would not have been scored, but how much more rookie can you get than trying to defend the goal from two feet outside of the crease in a two on one overtime situation? That's the kind of mistake that only experience can mend...it's just a shame we don't have a goaltender on our team who has that kind of playoff experience...oh wait! Also, as Greg's younger, smarter and much more handsome brother, I'd like to point out that Greg now does not have the 0% prediction accuracy that he could have boasted before...just because it takes a while to come true, does not make the prediction less true: Howard is a rookie, and he is crumbling under the playoff pressure.

  5. Travis -

    Not so sold on the shopping the Mule idea. It's pretty hard to call a guy a flash in the pan when you consider his 2008 playoff performance, his 08-09 Regular season performance, 2009 playoff performance, and his performance after coming back from injury in 2010. Hell, while he doesn't have many goals this post-season, the dude DOES have a point in every game thus far. That's nothing too shabby. He hasn't played like we'd like him to, but considering his recent performance, it's kind of ludicrous to say that him not driving the slot and being a beast is the norm, not the anomaly. "Knew he was a flash in the pan from the time he got in the leage"? C'mon. That just means that you did what you always do - come to a conclusion and then wait until there is some weakass evidence to mildly support it. Even so, you jumped the gun. You're wrong.

    And I'm not into it for Bert. For any price. The guy has only RECENTLY started hitting. Which is good. But still, he wont drop the gloves when he's needed. He takes stupid ass penalties, CONSISTENTLY. And that "best season of hockey in years" thing. That's the capital I was talking about, built up from that one month scoring streak. He had his best year of hockey because of the superstars he was playing with. He didn't get that in Calgary or Anaheim. He doesn't fill the role of a 3d or 4th liner well. He takes up a roster space and I want him gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.

    The more I think of it, the more last night was on Babs. Hell, the more this series has been on Babs. I try. I do everything I can to give him some faith. But every time I'm sold, he does something like this series and majorly fucks it up. I still dont think its time for him to go... but he's on his last legs here as far as I'm concerned.

  6. Franzen - 11 points in 10 games played.
    Bert - 5 points in 10 games played.